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WoodCiti® Group fine custom decor furnishings superior quality artworks and decorative art for sale. Craftsman built rare luxury products, elite creations, architectural goods and quality artifacts. High end designed works of art for home garden and office. Exclusive top-class quality and luxurious custom made items handcrafted in Thailand.

  WoodCiti® Studio is a manufacturer and exporter of traditional Asian products in ornamental and antique design styles. Our artisans create decorative architectural elements, top-quality components, wood sculptures and statues, wood carving arts, custom teak doors, stone sculptures and plaques, garden statues, large outdoor pottery, custom stained glass and leaded art-glass domes and windows. High resolution images of our products are available on PicasaWeb and new videos are on YouTube. We manufacture luxury furniture in genuine Burmese teak and rosewood with carving and mother-of-pearl inlays. We also build custom ornamental iron gates and fences in any design, size and style.
WoodCiti® has been manufacturing custom furniture and interior design products for many years. Our unique designs make use of multiple traditional materials illustrating talents of our artisans, craftsman and carvers. Glamorous, fashionable, trend setting, chic, sophisticated, beautiful, sexy and fresh are buzz words for WoodCiti® designs. We're taking these inventions and turning them into a marketable line as a natural progression..

WoodCiti® Studio is a finest furniture designer, manufacturer, exporter and retailer. We make custom wood furniture with carving and with mother-of-pearl inlays in genuine Burmese teak and solid rosewood. All items are made to order to yours or our design. We export our products to Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe >> more..


WoodLtd® Studio is the only door designer which quality exceeds US and European standards. We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and design while utilizing finest woods in the construction of exceptionally high quality product. We build our doors entirely in solid teak and we prefer to involve client in the design process >> more..


WoodRoyal® Studio is a sculpture workshop of wood carving arts, life-size statues and bass-relief masterworks. We offer unique combinations of human and animal carvings for your home and office. We create one of a kind superior quality and rare sculpture masterworks in genuine Burmese teak. Custom commissioned design available on request >> more..


SculptureCiti® is an art studio supplying original and unique, hand carved sculpture replicas, stone statues, garden statues, stone sculpture, stone fountains and relief wall carvings. We offer delivery to most international destinations. We supply the highest quality sculptures, usually only seen in museums or art galleries at an affordable price. Each quality stone sculpture is a unique work of art, a “one-off” that will last for thousand of years >> more..


The-Wood® Studio makes teak doors with carving in any size, color, shape and design with and without frames. On customer's request we make pre-hung units. Each door we make is made to order, 100% hand carved and one-of-a-kind >> more..


GateCiti® is a wrought iron art studio supplying original and unique, custom made aluminum and stainless steel driveway gates and fences. We offer delivery to most international destinations. We supply the highest quality large metal gates, usually seen at royal palaces and luxury mansions at an affordable price. Each quality gate is a unique work of art, a “one-off” that will last for many years to come >> more..

WoodCiti® is specializing in high quality low volume custom products; we make single items mainly to individual orders. We export our goods to Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. We manufacture exceptionally high-quality home décor, wood furniture, interior design quality products, custom artwork, life-size garden and house décor, high caliber historical custom made arts, interior and exterior artworks, fine furnishing and luxurious architectural products

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Current Projects: throughout the entire process of production, carving, packing, and shipping of your order we provide progress updates in the form of photos of the work being done available on-line 7/24 Current Projects!
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